Guess there are many questions over your head when you are choosing ihoverboard in advance, placing an order, and using the hoverboard afterwards. Here we have gathered the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding every issue may occur to our customers and hoverboards.

If there are any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with our support team.



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All the parcels will be given the tracking number by Email .



Practically, our hoverboards are suitable for both kids and adults. But to be specific out of safty, the minimum rider age we recommend is 6-8 years old. The best Hoverboard model we offer for kids is the 6.5 inch tires hoverboard, and for beginner, the 6.5inch classic type may be perfect choice. But don’t forget to wear a proper protective gear if no adult accompanied.


Our 6.5INCH Hoverboard is built for both kids and adults in mind. It is recommended for riders with a maximum weight of 220lbs. The 8INCH and 10INCH Hoverboards can support up to 260 lbs given their larger wheel size.


Usually it is quite common for a hoverboard losing its balance, cause each hoverboard on earth will lose its balance sometimes, just like no one in the world can never fall.

But the first thing is how can we confirm it is truly the balance issue?

Here comes a video regarding how to reset the balance of the hoverboard: https://youtu.be/2FYQQ0eqxCM 

Not working and still shaking violently?No worries, lets check inside the hoverboard.

The reason may be that the nipple at the end of the dither pad is too long, and we recommend you to open the back cover of the shaking end,

And find the nipple like the below image shows and cut it off a little to make sure its length so it can be parallal with the notch of the board above it.


There’s always been a numinous bond between electronic gadgets and water. They just can’t seem to stay apart from each other. Particularly if you think you can ride a hoverboard in the rain or water.

Just think about it. How often have you seen people drop their newest smartphones or iPads into the toilet or the pool? Or, even get them drenched in the rain?

Joining the list of electronic gadgets being damaged by water is the newest and coolest item in town, the hoverboard, or as the purists calls it, the self-balancing scooter.

But, if you’re one of those people who just can’t follow instructions, here’s a small list of things to do when your hoverboard does get soaked.

Pay Close Attention to the Motherboard:

The motherboard is possibly the most significant component. So, first make sure you shut the hoverboard off, when and if it ever gets soaked. One trick you can follow is to bury the device in a bowl of raw rice, which is what is a lot done for smart phones, when they get wet. But, in this case, you will need a very large bowl or bucket of rice to bury the entire device.

On the other hand, if your Hoverboard has been exposed to dirty or unclean water, you will have to dismantle the gadget completely. Once you dismantle it, you will have to take out the motherboard and clean it with rubbing alcohol. Just apply the alcohol using a q-tip. This will help you clear out all the debris stuck inside the motherboard.

Wet or Soaked Hoverboard Battery:

The second most essential part in your hoverboard is its battery. If the battery gets damaged by water, then there’s no way your device is going to go back to normal again. However, there is still little hope because the degree of the damage depends on how much water has gone in. So, you can try the same rice bowl trick here. Just soak the battery in little raw rice for a couple of days.

If it doesn’t, then there’s no reason to fret. You can always buy a new hoverboard battery from iHoverboard.


For 6.5INCH Hoverboard the battery will last about 1 hours. The duration of the battery is directly dependent upon the weight of the rider and driving conditions.

While our 8INCH and 10INCH Hoverboards can last for at least 2 hours.



With several different sizes and models, how do I know what is good for me for to buy for my kids or friends?

The Hoverboard wheel size is probably the biggest deciding factor when purchasing a hoverboard. Each size offers distinct benefits when it comes to the age and needs of the rider.

However, if you are new to Hoverboard and want the most affordable and practical Hoverboard, the 6.5″ is the perfect size for you. It is our best selling Hoverboard and built for for both kids and adults. Its light weight making it easier to carry around when not riding. In fact, over 90% of all Hoverboards sold today have the 6.5″ wheels size… so you will not be disappointed!

Below you can learn more about each wheel size in detail with some benefits and limitations that each wheel size poses.

6.5 inch Wheel

6.5” wheel is the most common and has become a standard wheel size for all riders. It was used in the first hoverboard a few years ago and has a solid rubber tire without a tube, so the riding is worry free, meaning you don’t have to worry about punctures in your tires.

It is a great Hoverboard size for beginners due to its smaller wheel and easy to step on and step off. Because of its low clearance it is ideal for smooth surfaces, it can also be ridden in malls or in or around the house. It can also be used on sidewalks and asphalt surfaces, however it is not advisable to grass, rough terrain or gravel.

It is recommended for ages above 6 years old with a min. weight 45 pounds and max. weight up to 220 pounds, which brings fun for the whole family.

8 inch Wheel

8”wheel has slightly more powerful motors and battery capacity as compared to the 6.5” wheel and allows the rider to go a little faster due to slightly large wheels. However the difference might not be significant enough to notice the slight difference in speed.

8” solid rubber tire is perfect for some riders with growing needs. If you are in the age group of 10 to 14 or older this would be a step up from the 6.5” due to a little extra foot base, more clearance and higher pad level from the ground. It can also handle slightly rougher terrain given the larger diameter tires.

10 inch Wheel

The 10” is a HUGE step up from all the other sizes.

The 10” wheel offers a different experience due to its pneumatic (air-filled) tire. 10” models have become very popular for the same reason with young riders and adults. The 10” offers an amazing smooth ride on all terrains such as but not limited to; grass, sidewalks, indoors, and gravel. It is preferred by people that wish to ride for a longer period of time or want to handle all types of terrain. It is also suitable for long distance in some cases due to faster speed. The minimum weight range for the 10” is the same as the 6.5” and 8” at 40 pounds, however the 10″ can support up to 260 pounds.

The 10″ pneumatic tires are cheap and easy to replace but the rider should maintain the tire pressure to the rider’s weight for the smoothest ride and longest lasting ride possible.


Get help from our service team(a video to show the charging status is requested):

Email: support@ihoverboard.com

Note: if the hoverboard won’t turn on or work when fully charged for at least 2 hours, please send us a video for us to figure out the problems and give solutions. While not charging, make sure it will be switched on after fully charged for at least 2 hours.

If not , please showing the charging status of the hoverboard, that is to say, you may need to get it connected with the charger, and turn on the button , show us all lights(on both charger and hoverboard) conditions including their colors and flashing times, next put your hands on the pads to test the action when charging. This matters a lot to our efficient help and determine how fast we can help solve problems for you.